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Enchanting lamb meat, hearty pumpkin, aromatic fennel, and nutrient-rich chia seeds blend in this lamb menu, creating a flavorful delight for your four-legged friend. The addition of juicy apples and delicious blueberries ensures a harmonious balance and adds extra freshness to the menu.


The careful blend of high-quality rapeseed oil, rosehip, algae chalk, and seaweed meal completes this exclusive menu.


SANA DOG wet menus are defined by a clear commitment to natural ingredients, setting them significantly apart from other manufacturers of canned food.SANA DOG consistently refrain from artificial additives, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. By choosing the high-quality SANA DOG wet menus, you are opting for a consistent use of natural ingredients.

SANA DOG Lamb With Pumpkin, Fennel & Chia Seeds

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45% Lamb Meat, 15% Lamb Breastbone (ground), 15% Lamb Offal, 8.5% Pumpkin, 7% Apple, 4% Blueberries, 1.6% Rapeseed Oil, 1.5% Fennel, 0.8% Chia Seeds, 0.7% Rosehip, 0.7% Algae Lime, 0.2% Seaweed Powder.

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