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Our Family

We may be a small team, but we believe we are pretty mighty! Have you met our Thoughtful Family yet?

Managing Director Sally crouching next to her dog Stella, a black and tan long haired dog. They are both covered in mud after running a charity race.

Sally | Managing Director

I started working in the pet food world in 2012, securing a job in a pet shop shortly after graduating from college. What started as simply a job soon turned into a passion for nutrition and customer care.

In 2015, I joined The Thoughtful Pet Food Store as an assistant manager. I went on to become the lead nutrition advisor for the company as well as taking charge of product management and customer service. Today I own the company and I'm involved in all aspects of the company. You’ll find me chatting with customers, packing orders, and everything in-between!

My animal and nutrition knowledge originally comes from studying both wild and domestic animals at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, where I obtained a Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Applied Science. I currently shares her life with my dogs, cat, and a family of exotic animals (including reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates)

Stella | Product Satisfaction Officer

Stella is a German Shepherd mix, rescued from Ireland through the Dog's Trust. She has been a greatly adored member of our family since 2013.

When Stella first came home at four months old, we quickly noticed that she had a delicate digestive system. Feeding her a diet containing any grains (including rice) caused adverse reactions so we quickly changed her onto a grain free diet. She has had a settled stomach ever since.

Stella’s favourite activities include chasing tennis balls, participating in fun agility, and demanding attention when other members of the family are trying to work…

Any product stocked on our website goes through a strict selection process, and when it comes to palatability Stella is the ultimate judge. Her discerning taste means that only the tastiest treats and most enjoyable toys pass the test. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

A long haired black and tan dog sitting by a tree with a cut-out of the Thoughtful Pets logo leaning against her.
A tabby coloured cat laying down by some grass with the sun shining behind her.

Zebedee | Chief Feline Executive

Zebedee (Or “Bee” for short), is the only feline member of our Thoughtful Family, but as any cat owner will probably guess, she’s certainly the most demanding.

Bee started life as a stray and adopted us when she was a six-month-old kitten. This was back in 2011 and she has never left! She is believed to be a tabby cat with a little bit of Bengal in her due to her loud voice and affectionate personality. She is incredibly loyal and due to being raised around dogs she seems to believe she is part of the “gang”.

Despite all of her lovely traits, she is also a fussy madame who makes feeding time a bit of a chore! There is only a short list of brands that she enjoys eating, but this does make her an excellent quality control candidate.


If Bee enjoys eating a particular brand of food then we know it will be popular with our customers’ cats too.

Titch| Product Durability Advisor

Titch is a Yorkshire Terrier who joined the family in 2016 after we inherited him. He was already eight years old at the time and is officially the “grumpy old man” of the family.

Titch came from a loving home, but his previous diet had not been suitable for him. As a result, he was overweight, had a skin condition, and regularly suffered from epileptic fits. We quickly changed him onto a diet containing lean high-quality meat to help his weight and supplemented his food with salmon oil to help his epilepsy.

Today, he is a much healthier dog. His skin condition has completely cleared up, his weight is perfect, and his epilepsy is now more manageable.

Being a typical terrier, Titch loves to chew and destroy whatever he can get his paws on. This destructive nature makes him the perfect dog to test out the toughness of our chews and toys here at The Thoughtful Pet Food Store. We believe that if a product can endure his rigorous testing then it should hold up for a lot of other dogs!

A brown Yorkshire Terrier sitting wearing a grey knitted jumper. The dog is looking up at the camera from the ground.

Walter | Parcel Inspector & Dispatch Manager

The newest member of our Thoughtful Family, Walter is an Australian Cattle Dog (also known as a Blue Heeler) who joined the family in March 2023. He's certainly a quirky character and being a high energy breed he definitely keeps us on our toes!


Having grown up around the business, Walter takes his role in the company very seriously. He decided early on that he would be in charge of inspecting all in-going and out-going parcels, so if you've placed an order with us since March 2023 chances are that it has had to pass Walter's sniff test!


He's still young, and we can't wait to see what sort of adult he grows up into!

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