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We are very selective about the brands we work with and stock on our website. Every brand you'll find here has been individually selected for various reasons, including the quality of their products, their ethos, innovation and more.



AATU have been promoting the benefits of high-meat diets long before it was cool! Their foods are available for both dogs and cats, and contain some of the highest levels of quality protein on the market. For example, their wet cat food is 97% meat!

Adios Plastic

We are always trying to find new ways to cut plastic out of our lives at home, so when we first discovered Adios Plastic it would be an understatement to say we were a bit excited… These completely bio-degradable poo bags are strong and practical as well as eco-friendly.




British brands often grab our attention, and Clydach Farm is definitely one of our favourites. We’ve been working with them for years, back when they solely manufactured dry food. Now they have a fantastic range of treats and a new wet food for dogs as well. We can’t wait to see what they create next!


Selecting suitable toys for our store is sometimes even harder than selecting food and treats. Goodchaps are another lovely British brand who create thoughtful products that are eco-friendly and innovative. Their cotton rope toys are strong, unbleached, and fully recyclable.


Green & Wilds

Treats, toys, supplements… Green & Wilds have so many fantastic products available for dogs and cats! They provide us with our ethically sourced deer antlers (dropped naturally by deer and then collected and cleaned), as well as a huge range of fun and colourful toys.


We love new ideas for pet products, especially when it’s something we can use with our own pets. HundEnergy bars are so cool and fill a niche in the pet world that was previously pretty lacking. These energy bars are ideal for dogs that love hiking, running, sports, etc. Plus they smell amazing…!


JR Pet Products

Anyone who has ever given their pet a JR treat will know how high quality their products are. Their training treats are one of our most popular products, and we also stock a wide range of their loose treats such as pigs ears and pizzle sticks. Doing this allows us to use even less plastic, so thank you JR Pet Products!


Thrive’s range of freeze-dried cat and dog treats have been a staple part of Thoughtful Pets for years. While similar treats have since appeared on the market, we love Thrive because of their convenient packaging (those tubes are perfect for dog walks and storage!) and fantastic quality.



Cold-pressed dry food such as Tribal is great for digestion and can contain more nutrients compared to traditional kibble. However, we noticed that many cold-pressed foods tend to use meat meal instead of higher quality cuts of meat. Fortunately, Tribal doesn’t, and that makes them our favourite cold-pressed brand!

Ziwi Peak

Our most popular brand by a mile, Ziwi Peak is another company that we have been working closely with for years! It’s easy to see why Ziwi Peak is so popular, as their dog and cat foods are unique and made up of amazing high-quality ingredients. If you haven’t tried any these products with your pets yet, we definitely recommend it!

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