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Our Story

The Thoughtful Pet Food Store has been around since 2014, but it wasn't until 2017 that I became the owner. I had previously worked as the assistant manager for the company and mainly handled day to day tasks such as packing orders and writing content for the website.


When the opportunity came up for me to take on a larger role in the company, I couldnt say no! As a result, when the previous owners decided they wanted to take a step back, I became the new managing director of The Thoughtful Pet Food Store.

The Thoughtful Pet Food Store was originally created to be a place where pet owners could shop for a more high-quality type of food. We have always specialised in working with brands that create natural products free from known allergens such as cereals, and free from derivatives and other low quality ingredients. So many pet owners, myself inlcuded, know the frustration of trying to find a suitable food when one of our pets has an allergy or medical condition. It's crazy how many brands out there may not actually be suitable for pets with more specific needs!

I've made sure to never divert from the ethos that The Thoughtful Pet Food Store was founded on, and in fact I have made sure that our company ethos has evolved with the ever changing pet trade. We now also specialise in environmentally friendly products, alongside our devotion to provide grain-free and natural foods. We love products that are plastic-free, or made in the UK to decrease travel emissions, and I am always keeping an eye out to see what new and exciting products come out in the future. Some of our more noticeable and exciting additions to the Thoughtful Family include biodegradable poo-bags and our range of plastic-free loose treats.


Overall, I'm proud to have made The Thoughtful Pet Food Store the home of quality pet food, and helpful and unbias advice!


If you'd like to know even more about us, you can meet our family here!

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