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SANA DOG's gently air-dried beef menu is a hearty menu made from 80% beef and offal, combined with fresh vegetables and delicious fruit. Supplemented with valuable, natural minerals and valuable salmon oil.

For this air-dried beef menu, SANA DOG only use fresh ingredients from food production in their in-house factory. High-quality beef, beef hearts and beef liver form the basis of this menu.


Supplemented with crunchy sweet potatoes, healthy carrots, young peas, fresh apples, rich broccoli and blueberries, as well as salmon oil, rose hips, algae lime, seaweed flour and brewer's yeast, an air-dried menu full of valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals is created directly from the original ingredients.

SANA DOG Air-Dried Complete Beef Menu 1kg

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57% beef, 20% beef hearts, 3% beef liver, 5% sweet potatoes, 4% carrots, 3.5% apples, 2% peas, 2% broccoli, 2% salmon oil, 0.5% rosehip, 0.5% algae lime, 0.2% blueberries, 0.2% brewer's yeast, 0.1% seaweed meal.

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