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UPDATE - Scrumbles have recently made changes to their Gnashers! They are now in a tray format to help reduce breakages. They have also changed the ingredients, with the addition of seaweed and linseed. We recommend checking the ingredients list before purchasing to ensure these treats are still suitable for your dog.


Goodbye stinky dog breath, hello pearly whites! These award-winning Gnashers Dog Dental Sticks are the ultimutt dental sticks for dogs. With a specially formulated delicious recipe and crunchy texture, they powerfully rub off plaque to support healthy teeth and fresh breath. With added gut-friendly prebiotics and all-natural ingredients, they’re tough on plaque and kind on tums!


Dental health is essential for dogs. We recommend feeding one dog dental chew per day to help keep those vet bills away, alongside daily brushing for the best oral hygiene. Each bag contains 7 dental sticks for dogs to reduce plaque build-up and put a cheeky grin on your pooch’s face.


Scrumbles use a special active ingredient (SHMP) that's proven to reduce plaque by up to 80%! They’re also made of 100% natural ingredients like Apple, Spinach, Coconut Oil and prebiotic Slippery Elm for added gut health. So go on then, give your dog a bone!

Scrumbles Gnashers Daily Dog Dental Chews



Sweet Potato, Chick Pea, Rapeseed Oil, Cellulose, Apple, Seaweed, Yeast, Parsley, Spinach, Linseed, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Slippery Elm Bark, Coconut Oil, Mint Oil.


Sweet potato, Gram Flour, Cold pressed rapeseed oil, yeast extract, pumpkin seeds 2%, parsley, spinach 0.5%, sesame seeds 0.5%, coconut oil 0.1%, slippery elm 0.1%, sodium hexametaphosphate 0.1%, peppermint oil 0.05%.

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