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The HundEnergy Bar is an all natural nutrition and energy bar for dogs. Made using superfood ingredients and individually wrapped making them convenient for you to take with you on adventures wherever you go.


The HundEnergy Bar isn’t just any nutritious snack for dogs. Connected to it is a community of like minded people wanting to explore life together, with their dog in tow.


Our HundEnergy Bars are made taking full consideration for the environment; we only use plant based ingredients beneficial for your dog, that have been carefully sourced and manufactured in the UK.


Great for taking with you on long walks, hikes, camping out under the stars, and before, during or after any types of dog sports.


We operate a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

HundEnergy Natural Dog Energy Bar 40g


Whole Peanuts 35.9%, Dried Apricots 26.9%, Chicory Root Fibre (Inulin) 26.9%, Gluten Free Oats 8.98%, Flaxseed 0.9%, Nutritional Yeast 0.36%.

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