Rockster is the only bio-organic dog food in the world that is certified as a superfood in its own right, having transformed the health and lives of many dogs. Only human-grade filet, muscle and vital inner organs of animals certified to be free from any exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals and steroids are used.

Medicinal levels of a variety of bio-organic superfoods are added in specific combinations to optimise the health of dogs, together with inulin from fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, which ensures the dog absorbs significantly more nutrients in the digestive tract as well as detoxifying the liver. The food has had a transformational effect on many dogs, including those with serious stomach and food issues, and is like nothing dogs have ever tasted before!

Rockster Superfood is suitable for dogs with allergies due to its genuinely single protein formula, and absence of any chemicals, allergens, cereals or gluten. Each recipe has a specific health USP, targeted specifically to dogs.

Each Rockster recipe is made with a careful combination of superfoods, such as spirulina, quinoa, sweet potatoes, seabuckthorn, lingonberries, cranberries, chia seeds and green-lipped mussels. Rockster uses these superfoods instead of using fillers such as grains, rice and lentils, but importantly they are added in sufficient quantities and specific combinations to optimize their natural powers to support a dog’s health, as well as making the food naturally tasty for dogs.

It has emerged Rockster food has had a highly beneficial effect on dogs with the following conditions:

Pancreatitis, colitis, gastric & other stomach conditions diabetes, metabolic disorders, hair & skin conditions, autoimmune conditions, kidney problems (including failure), behavioural issues, lethargy, lack of appetite & signs of old age.

  • At least 80% human-grade meat from muscles and inner organs.
  • No grains, fillers, chemicals or low quality produce.
  • Prebiotics - natural inulin from fermented Jerusalem artichoke to enhance nutrient absorption.
  • Animals are certified to be free from growth hormones, steroids & antibiotics.
  • Bio-Superfoods are added to maximise nutrient content.

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