Meet the team

Meet The Team

Sally Witney

Sally has been working in the pet food industry since 2012 and started her career at Thoughtful Pets in 2015 as a part time assistant manager.

She went on to become our lead nutrition advisor for both dogs and cats as well as taking charge of product management and customer service. Today she is the Managing Director of Thoughtful Pets and is involved in all aspects of the company. Her main areas of expertise are animal nutrition and behaviour, and she is always happy to advise our customers and offer help where needed.

Sally's nutrition experience originally came from studying both wild and domestic animals at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, where she obtained a Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Applied Science. This experience developed into a passion for pet nutrition once she started working as a sales assistant in a pet shop.

While working in the pet shop she met many customers who struggled with finding suitable foods for their pets and this encouraged Sally to learn more about the pet food industry and the role nutrition can play in our pets' health.

Sally shares her life with her three dogs, her cat, her large family of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and one incredibly noisy rescue parrot.


Stella is a four-year-old rescue dog from Ireland, believed to be a German Shepherd crossed with a Border Collie.

When Stella first came home with Sally at four months old, it was noticed fairly quickly that she had a delicate digestive system. Feeding her a diet containing any grains would cause adverse reactions so she was quickly changed onto a grain free diet. She has had a settled stomach ever since.

Stella's favourite activities include chasing tennis balls, participating in fun agility, and following Sally around every room of the house.

At Thoughtful Pets, Stella is our Head Product Taster. She has a discerning taste so only the highest quality foods and treats receive her approval.


Tia is a sixteen-year-old Springer Spaniel and she doesn't let her age slow her down.

Tia used to suffer from skin allergies unknowingly caused by the ingredients in her food. Once her food was changed to a grain free alternative to help with her allergies, her skin condition cleared up. Being fed a high quality diet has done wonders for her health and she is still an incredibly active and healthy dog.

She loves food and can often be found in the warehouse inspecting packages to make sure they are full of tasty goodies for everyone's' pets.

When she is not helping us at Thoughtful Pets, she can often be found sleeping in her favourite bed or wandering around her food bowl waiting for dinner.


Titch is a nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier cross who loves to chew and destroy whatever he can get his paws on.

This destructive nature makes him the perfect dog to test out the toughness of our chews and toys here at Thoughtful Pets.

Titch came to Sally from a loving home, but his previous diet had not been suitable for him. As a result he was overweight and regularly suffered from epileptic fits. Sally quickly changed him onto a diet containing lean high quality meat to help his weight, and supplemented his food with salmon oil to help his epilepsy.

Today, he is a healthier dog and his epilepsy is now much more manageable. Titch spends most of his time enjoying cuddles on the sofa and playing with his new best friend Stella.