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We knew when we set-up The Thoughtful Pet Food Store that we wanted it to be part of our DNA to do some good.

Last year we noticed the charity Finding Furever Homes were using Twitter to ask for donations to help a little dog called Colin. Colin had endured horrific treatment at the hands of a human being; someone had cut off both of his front paws and abandoned him to bleed to death. Fortunately for Colin someone found him in time and the charity stepped in to help raise funds to help with his treatment.

Finding Furever Homes managed to raise sufficient funds to assist with the necessary veterinary care and for prosthetic limbs to be fitted to replace Colin’s front paws. When we heard about the appeal we made a donation, and we are pleased to hear that Colin has gone from strength to strength and now has a safe and loving furever home.

Naturally we wanted to know more about the charity that went out of their way to help Colin, so we followed them on Twitter, checked out their website and discovered that Finding Furever Homes was set-up by Andrea Newton in 2013 with three main aims:
1. To find loving forever homes for rescue dogs in need.
2. To organise fundraising to support rescue costs.
3. To raise awareness of the growing problem of unwanted dogs in the UK.
Finding Furever Homes supports small independent dog rescues. The support ranges from fundraising, appeals for food and blankets, hands on volunteering, dog walking, helping with home checks, transportation and most importantly, helping to rehome dogs in need.
Finding Furever Homes and the rescuers it supports is made up of people that simply never quit on a dog. One rescuer has even adopted eight dogs from her own rescue centre, which makes for a busy household. The charity and its rescuers work tirelessly to save and rehome dogs that have been let down by their previous owners. You can find many of the volunteers, rescuers, trustees and of course Andrea herself on Twitter everyday campaigning for dogs in desperate need. Their selflessness and level of commitment to this cause has meant that since the charity launched in 2013 it has rehomed 176 dogs, many of which would have been put to sleep without the intervention of Finding Furever Homes and the rescues it supports.
Having seen such an immense level of commitment to these dogs in need, the Thoughtful Pets Food Store team decided to support the charity by providing a much needed food donation platform.


The Finding Furever Homes Wish List is a quick and easy way to donate food to a worthy charity.

Follow these five simple steps to give back:
1. Select products from the Finding Furever Homes Wish List

2. Select the items that you want to donate to Finding Furever Homes, add them
to your basket and head for the checkout.

3. Enter one of the below promotional codes to receive a special charitable discount*:
FUREVER (5% on orders under £50)
RESCUE (10% on orders over £50)

4. Enter the Finding Furever Homes address at the checkout:

Finding Furever Homes

C/O Thoughtful Pets, 200 Beverley Way,

New Malden, Surrey


5. We’ll deliver your order to the pets in need at Finding Furever Homes. Your good deed is done and your donation is on its way! Thank you.
If you want to know more about Finding Furever Homes then you can do so at
*Please note we will only process orders using these discount codes that are addressed to the Finding Furever Homes (FFH) address provided above.




Finding Furever Homes

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